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Letters for your 3rd birthday

Dear Bam, Happy birthday. Today you are 3 years old. On your birthday I always take a moment to look back on the years. The day your were born (A day early) you came into this world with such an energy that still shows today. You might not be our first 3 year old, but… Continue reading Letters for your 3rd birthday

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Be the good kid

  We are constantly living in competition and comparting our kids to others. Comparison is a common approach to establish the performance of your child. You compare your child’s grades with others and then determine whether your kid’s academic achievements are “normal”, better or excellent.   I am just as guilty as others when it… Continue reading Be the good kid

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Striking out, Family time, and mothers day

This weekend we took the kids to their first Arizona Diamondbacks game. I remember going to minor league games with my dad as a kids. Just spending time as a family, eating hot dogs and cheering for our team was fun. Some time we would catch balls and sometimes our team lost but it was… Continue reading Striking out, Family time, and mothers day

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Holy week stomach bugs and Easter egg hunts

Ok. I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t posted anything in a few lets just recap the last week. So the week started off shitty…and I mean literally. Not to go into any details but at one point between Friday and Wednesday we all got a 24hr stomach bug. Friday Bam had a very… Continue reading Holy week stomach bugs and Easter egg hunts

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We finally found a preschool for Bam.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m one of those neurotic moms that tries to look for everything wrong with a school. That mom that thinks nothing is good enough for her snowflake child. That mom that calls daycare up 10 times a day because she’s worried about her child. Or that helicopter mom that make… Continue reading We finally found a preschool for Bam.

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Life of a book worm with kids

So this weekend we went down to Tucson for a toy convention. While Tyler went looking for toys and collectibles he can sell, I went there for books. Its safe today that I am a book worm. I enjoy reading to my kids everything from picture books, to middle school chapter books. I’m often up… Continue reading Life of a book worm with kids

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Renaissance festival..the good…the weird…and the bad

In keeping with our New Year’s goal of doing one big family adventure a month, we went to the Arizona Renaissance festival. We try to go every year in February when the festival first opens. For the first few weekends of the festival people forget its that time of year and so the line are… Continue reading Renaissance festival..the good…the weird…and the bad

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Our family weekend in Payson AZ.

One of the many things I love about living in Arizona is the scenery. As we were driving the 80 miles up to Payson from Phoenix I couldn’t help but think how lucky we are to live in the beautiful state of Arizona. Besides the three summer months of hell… the weather is nice. Almost… Continue reading Our family weekend in Payson AZ.

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Moms struggles with educational choices

My mother once told me, “Finding quality education for your child will be the hardest thing you do as a parent”. She wasn’t wrong. I pride myself on knowing a lot about education, educational politics, and different teaching methods without being a teacher. Over the last 3 years I’ve researched the death out of every… Continue reading Moms struggles with educational choices