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Letters for your 3rd birthday

Dear Bam, Happy birthday. Today you are 3 years old. On your birthday I always take a moment to look back on the years. The day your were born (A day early) you came into this world with such an energy that still shows today. You might not be our first 3 year old, but… Continue reading Letters for your 3rd birthday

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Back to school? Consider redirecting your Arizona state tax dollars.

At Bethany Christian, kids are supported based on their abilities. If a child needs extra support and tutoring, the academic support is there. They even have a program that is directed specially towards dyslexia. If a child is excelling in reading or math they are allowed to move to the next level. Not a lot… Continue reading Back to school? Consider redirecting your Arizona state tax dollars.

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Be the good kid

  We are constantly living in competition and comparting our kids to others. Comparison is a common approach to establish the performance of your child. You compare your child’s grades with others and then determine whether your kid’s academic achievements are “normal”, better or excellent.   I am just as guilty as others when it… Continue reading Be the good kid

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Striking out, Family time, and mothers day

This weekend we took the kids to their first Arizona Diamondbacks game. I remember going to minor league games with my dad as a kids. Just spending time as a family, eating hot dogs and cheering for our team was fun. Some time we would catch balls and sometimes our team lost but it was… Continue reading Striking out, Family time, and mothers day

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Two broken wrist and a teddy bear

Yesterday of our really good friends graduates with a masters degree in engineering as I started to respond to his wife’s Facebook post I realized its been months since we have seen them. Sure we keep in touch via Facebook but its really not the same. Looking back the only excuse we have for not… Continue reading Two broken wrist and a teddy bear

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My thoughts – #RedForED Vs #PurpleForParents

Last week was a blur of events.   #RedForED As many of you might know, the RedForEd movement in Arizona was in full force. Teacher went on strike and abandoned their classrooms until the governor signed a bill that would give teachers a 20% raise by 2020 an increases classroom finding and building infrastructure. Needless… Continue reading My thoughts – #RedForED Vs #PurpleForParents

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Arizona kids loose. Why I do not support a walkout.

It’s a sad day for Arizona and its kids. I understand that teachers want better pay and better classroom funding. I understand that 30+ kids in a classroom has negative effects on teachers and students. I understand the frustrations with giving your all and feeling like you do not get anything back. There are a… Continue reading Arizona kids loose. Why I do not support a walkout.

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Holy week stomach bugs and Easter egg hunts

Ok. I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t posted anything in a few lets just recap the last week. So the week started off shitty…and I mean literally. Not to go into any details but at one point between Friday and Wednesday we all got a 24hr stomach bug. Friday Bam had a very… Continue reading Holy week stomach bugs and Easter egg hunts

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“Unfriended” a Mom and son’s Facebook battle

Last week my husband and his mom got into on Facebook because apparently that’s the place to hurl insults and the truth at family. The conversation ended with his mom telling us to have a nice life then, blocking and unfriending both of us on Facebook. She claims to be about La Familia…but she hasn’t… Continue reading “Unfriended” a Mom and son’s Facebook battle