Long time no post!

OK its been a little bit since I’ve posted. Lets recap on what’s happened in my life.

  • Read a lot of books (7 between August and today)
  • Its was Tyler’s Birthday, Docs Birthday, Bams birthday and 5 other family friends birthdays.
  • I started volunteering to teach art once a month at Docs school.
  • My car “over heated” twice (I’ll tell you more below)
  • We looked at other school options for next year since budgets are super tight
  • I’ve slipped on our news years goal of doing one thing fun as a family so we are going to make up for it during the rest of the year.

Its been a busy few months… and I’m just now getting back in control of things.

So about my car…

A few months ago the computer for my 2013 Chevy Traverse was sending a error message that the car was over heating. When I looked at the temperature gage it said the temperature was cool. After borrowing my moms car and getting my car towed to the house, tyler took a look and it. Turns out it was just a blown sensor… Tyler fixed it himself and everything was great for a month

Then a few weeks ago, my car started to actually over heated. The gage went up and the car shut down. I was a half a mile to work and screaming at my car. I was able to let it cool off and drive it a block away from work so I could at least walk to work and figure it out later. We had the car towed to a near by shop and they told us it was a blown head gasket which was going to cost $4800. Ouch. Needless to say I was a mess that day. Ugly crying at work, thinking the world was ending, and just shutting down. My mom picked up the girls from school that day and agreed to let us borrow her car until we figured things out.

We called Chevy and they told us our car warranty just expired the week before but… if it was a blown head they would cover part of the cost and help us out. Good news, so we had the car towed to them to look at it. In the mean time Tyler and I scrambled to come up with some money to cover the cost of repair if to came to $4800.

Turns out it wasn’t a blown head, but a small plastic part fell into the coolant system so it was leaking coolant everywhere and causing the car to overheat. There were a few others things that need to be repaired that we knew about, and Chevy ate some of the cost due to things happening over time under our warranty . All in all it cost about 2K but we were able to come up with more then enough money and have a lot of money to put away in saving.

Two weeks later, I finally got my car back and life is starting to slow down.

Looking forward to the rest of the busy year…

A few more October birthdays to get through

Schilling Halloween fun

As I Lay Dying Concert November 2

9th Wedding Anniversary November 7th (13 years dating)

Universal Trip November 10th

Family Thanksgiving trip

Silverstine Concert December 1st

Polar express with the kids

Disneyland January 12th


Things are starting to look up and to get busy!

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