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I love our school

Attending back to school night last night only makes me confirm that we made the right choice with sending Doc to this school.

Bethany Christian is very small school in comparison to other schools in the valley. Ask any one of the parents or even kids about why they love Bethany Christian and they will all tell you the same thing. This school has a HEART in the community. There is love, kindness, outreach and friendship that you just don’t see at other school. When was the last time you saw Jr. High kids laughing with 1st graders? Or 5th graders helping kindergartens.

Even the top rated schools in the valley are lacking heart. Many of the top rated school, including charters (our local school district, and near by charter included) have over 30+ kids in a classroom. At Bethany Christian School no child gets left behind in the rush for academic greatness or pushing to pass standardized test.

I’m not saying that private schools are better. This is choice that I think every family should have. I fully support school of choice whatever that choice might be. What’s important to us isn’t always that same as other families. We want our kids to go the best schools but test score only show you a part of the picture. What’s always been important to us is that our kids are loved, surrounded by others that treat them with respect, and are allowed to grow and learn to the best of their abilities.

At Bethany Christian, kids are supported based on their abilities. If a child needs extra support and tutoring, the academic support is there. They even have a program that is directed specially towards dyslexia. If a child is excelling in reading or math they are allowed to move to the next level. Not a lot of schools, including public schools, have this range of support.

Another thing that makes Bethany Christian unique is diversity. In fact Bethany Christian is more diverse then our local school district. Over 80% of the kids that attend this school are on some kind of scholarship and about half of our families are fully funded year after year.

Anyways… Just wanted to give our school a little shout out.

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