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Little Girls. Confessions of a girl mom.

I was watching an episode of Call the Midwives and in this episode the husband was very upset that he had a girl. In the episode he wanted son to carry on his family name and help with the family business. When his daughter was born, at first he couldn’t even look at her. Towards the end of the episode he came around and realize that he was blessed with a healthy child.


This show made me think. We have two healthy girls we I love and adore! When I tell people about our family of 4 the next questions is always…”are you going to try for a boy?”. Or I get asked, “Doesn’t Tyler want a boy to carry on his name?”. I know this also happened with boy mom but I don’t think it’s a common. Why is it that in our 2018 society we still get asked this question? Aren’t girls just as good… if not better… than boys?  Why do we as parents get asked this question? Most parents would tell you they are happy that their kids are healthy and it really didn’t mater what they got.


I was an only child growing up. Now its great but when I was younger I wanted someone else to play with and do stuff with. So when I got married I had it in my mind that I would have two kids. I went through a handful of miscarriages and even started looking at other options before we had Doc. All I wanted was one healthy child to hold and love. In 2011 we were blessed.


I would not consider myself a feminist but I’m a big fan of following your dreams, being strong, confident and kind. I would hope we raise our girls to be the same. Girls could carry the family name if they were a modern woman… and I of all people know that girls can grow up to do anything they want to. I became an engineering and a leader in my company… so why couldn’t my daughters? If they wanted to stay at home, go in to teaching, or be come a physicist then why not?


Next time I get asked if I want to try for a boy… im going just respond with “Thank God For Girls”.

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