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Be the good kid



We are constantly living in competition and comparting our kids to others. Comparison is a common approach to establish the performance of your child. You compare your child’s grades with others and then determine whether your kid’s academic achievements are “normal”, better or excellent.


I am just as guilty as others when it comes to comparing especially when it comes to our girls but I’ve learned to let go. In the end having your kids live in another person shadow does more harm them good. You want your kids to strive to do their best…but sometime that doesn’t mean they have to be the best. Yes I want my kids to have good grades and be good at something, but in my opinion kindness, confidence, and courage go a long way in this work.


Doc is my nice kid. She loves deeply and serves strongly which was her school theme last year. It was not surprise that her Christian character award at school was helpfulness. She wants to be helpful and show kindness to others.


This week, Doc started a new summer camp with one of her close friends from school. She was a little nervous but by the end of the week she was welcomed with open arms. At morning drop off several kids waved at her and said “Good Morning’. Other kids called her to sit next to them to play games. When I asked her how her first week went. She told me that some kids weren’t nice to her friend but that she courage to stand up for her friend and even find other friends for them to hang out with.


Bam is my veracious child. She’s not always kind but she is very sweet and means well. (Remember she is only 2 and we are working on the kindness part) She always honest and has courage to stand up for what she believes in. Since she is almost 3 and still very much a toddler, we are teaching her to be kind and not be the bully. She is our strong willed child but I never want to crush that spirit of hers. As she grows I want to build her confidence so that she can be the leader she was meant to be.

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