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Diaper Free Is The Way To Be

There are some milestones that as a parent makes your heart happy and that you want to remember forever.

The first time your child rolls over

The first word your child says

The day they took their first step

The first time they slept through the night

The day they were finally potty trained

The day they went off to school

The day they rode a bike without training wheels (We are working on this one)

The day they read a book on their own

The day they graduated from high school or college


These moments are amazing and we always look back on them but… sometimes we forget all the work that went into making these moments happen. For example, walking, how many times did we hold our child’s hand and “walk” them across the floor? How many times did we review sight words, or phonic sounds before they could even read a single word let alone a book.


Potty training is like this. Potty training suck… and is messy and no one want to do it but in the end some how we get though it. If we are lucky our kids don’t pee on the floor on the first day of kindergarten. Some people rant and rave over the 3day method… others tell you just to wait it out. Some even potty train infants. All of them will claim these are the best ways… but they are all wrong… in a way.



The story of two girls



Now Doc is my perfectionist. She wants to make everyone happy and want to always do a good job. When Doc was 15 months and walking we decided to potty train using a little potty. I choose a long holiday weekend and we got started. Day one was tough… lot of accidents and I wanted to give up. Day 2 was about a 50/50. Day 3… she got it. It was magic. The havens parted, and angels sung. She was potty trained, and we never looked back.


After that Doc didn’t have one accident. I ranted and raved about how you should train your kids early and how the 3 day method works. I even judged parents who had 3 years old who weren’t potty trained. After all it was so easy with Doc.



I love Bam. She has a mind of her own and doesn’t need any approval from anyone regrading how to live her life. When she turned 15 month I was determined to do the 3 day method with her. After all I was super mom and it worked for Doc so I had to work for Bam. Right? WRONG!


The 3 day method did not work. Bam peed on the floor without a care in the world. She would give me that look like “This is your fault…now you have to clean it up”. After day 2.5 I gave up and looked at the calendar for the next three day weekend. Needless to say the next three day weekend came and went… with out potty training. In fact Bam not only had accidents, she refused to go potty at all and would throw an hour fit. (ok more like 5 min but it seemed like and hour). So gave up. I decided to be a “lazy” mom and just not try for a while to see what would happen. I would always ask if she wanted big girl panties and she would always say no.


Fast forward a year and some months… Bam is in pull ups which, let be honest, are just really expensive diapers that do not help potty train. Every day at school her class would go potty (or try) every hour. Bam of course refused… until recently. We were at gymnastics watching Doc when Bam announced she had to go potty. WHAT? Well ok. I took her potty, she sat, went potty, then by herself washed and dried her hands.


I was impressed. We went home, put on undies and that was the end of it…sort of. After that, there were a few accidents and over the next few weeks she was going potty on her own at home. We decide to just send her to school in under where and guess what? No accidents. Easy…sort of. If you think of it, we were trying for over a year to potty train Bam but nothing worked. It was only when she saw other kids doing it, and she was ready, were we able to really potty trained.


The lesson

This was another lesson (one of many) that I learned not be judgmental and not to compare my kids to others. Bam has also made we realize that I am not super mom… I am just me… and that ok. I may not be the perfect mom, or have all the answers but I am the mom I need to be for my kids. Imperfections and all. I’m also enjoying my kids milestones and appreciating the work that went into each of them.


One thing is for sure… having a diaper free house is amazing.

2 thoughts on “Diaper Free Is The Way To Be

  1. Potty training 😫 thats all I have to say. I just remember my daughter being scares to poop in the little potty 🤣🤣🤣🤣 now she’s a pro at 2. Diaper free is the way to be though.


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