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Swimming and learning how to ride a bike

Warning… this is my mom rant. LOL


Doc loves to swim. So much so that all though out June, Doc will be swimming every day. Literally… every day.


We enrolled her is swimming lessons again this year. Although she can swim (a little) I would like her to be a better swimmer by the end of the summer. We enrolled her in private lessons on the weekend and group lessons at night during the week. I know it sounds crazy intense, but Doc and I talked about it and we both agreed that this was a good idea. After all we live in Phoenix and everyone has a pool. We are also getting to that age where everyone has a pool party sometime during the summer.


We are also enrolling Bam in swimming. Fingers crossed she will not be that kid that screams and cries (aka Doc) when she realizes she has to swim with the teacher and not mom. Doc was that kid… but after the first few weeks she got over it and learned how to “swim” (or at least not drown if she fell into a pool). Since Bam is our sports kids I have no doubt that she will be a fish in water.



Looking back on my childhood… I don’t remember ever not knowing how to swim. I never had fancy swim classes. No, my dad didn’t toss me into the pool and say figure it out. Somehow, with out all these crazy floaters, I just learned. I understand that water safety is really really REALLY important but… it seems we didn’t have fancy classes or pool noodles to help us learn. Being around water and just swimming must have helped a lot.



Come to think of it… Learning how to ride a bike was the same thing. This time my dad did shoved me down a hill and tell me good luck. Luckily I didn’t fall but after that I knew how to ride a bike…. Ok I guess I was a very active kid and didn’t need dad holding on to the back of my bike. I just was ready. Don’t get me wrong… I did some dumb stuff and fell off by bike more time then I can count but… I always got back up and rode my bike the next day.


Doc… still can’t ride a bike. She’s almost 7. I know that she still young and its not a competition in parenting but… still. She is such an anxious child. Every time she gets on her bike without training wheels she starts crying. I tell her I will not let go but she still freaks out. We can’t go 5 min without the tears coming out. (both mine and hers LOL) I think we might be at the point where we need to sign her up for a bike riding class… and call it good. Fingers crosses she will not be that kids that cries though out the class (Wait…didn’t I just say that about swimming?)


The joys of parenthood… It still amazes me that our kids are so dynamically different in every way.



One thought on “Swimming and learning how to ride a bike

  1. Swim lessons are great for kids because drownings happen so quick and more often nowadays. Bam will catch on quicker than you can imagine and I agree… these kids are much more advanced nowadays.


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