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Schools out for summer… or is it?

What can I say. The week has gotten away from me yet again.

Last week was a blur of work and end of the school year. Doc finished her last day of school and is moving on to 2nd grade. This year she received the reading award for reading the most books during the year and she received the character award for Helpfulness. I have the admit that I did cry a little during her last day of school because its moments these moment that make me realize how gown up our Doc really is. She has even started creating mini videos journals that are really funny! A little awkward but still funny.

Since school is out, and I’m a mean mom, I got to work with setting up home summer school for my kids. This involves daily education activities that include math, reading, science, and art. I also went to the dollar store and target to pick up things for the prize box. If Doc (or Bam) completed everything on their list for the day they got to go into the prize box. Its not bad as it seems… and they kids have fun.

Doc’s Schedule

Read 30 min (Including reading to sister)

Math (“Teach Class” aka sister or workbook)

Handwriting (Journals, letter/cards to friends or writing book)

Summer work book

Science (optional)

Art (optional)

Bam’s Schedule

Reading (Read with sister or mom)

Math (Play “School” with sister)

Art/Motor skills (Including drawings and writing with pencil)

Science (optional)

Be nice and use manners

As you can see out summer will be fun and busy. I just want them both to love learning and if they can crate a game or activity for each subject… I’m ok with that too. Legos and blocks are the best way to learn about engineering… and hey… who doesn’t like bowing up stuff (Mentos and diet coke?)

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