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Striking out, Family time, and mothers day

This weekend we took the kids to their first Arizona Diamondbacks game. I remember going to minor league games with my dad as a kids. Just spending time as a family, eating hot dogs and cheering for our team was fun. Some time we would catch balls and sometimes our team lost but it was always fun.

Since Tyler had the weekend off we decided it would be a great weekend to do something together. After looking into a few options I found a really great deal on tickets close to 1st base. I figured it was the girls first game so why not go all out and get good seats. Turns out that if kids sign up for the Arizona Diamondbacks Kid Club at the game, they will be able to get into all Sunday game for free. Another family win!

On top of signing up for deals through their kids club, Diamondbacks allows you to bring in your own food and drinks which is great when you have kids. We stopped by QT on the way to the game and picked up a few juice boxes, waters, Gatorade, and a ton of snacks. We got to game really early, and allowed the kids to run around on the playground, and hit a few balls in the batting cages (even though they struck out).

The game was very slow and we lost but the kids enjoyed dancing, watching the hot dog race, the bobble head race, and the kiss cam.

Mother’s day was great. We took my parents out to Bucco De Beppo then enjoyed family time at their house. The kids played outside, took silly photos and ate a lot of junk food. Later in the day my mom and I went window shopping while the dads watched the kids.

It was a great family weekend and I can’t wait to go to Sunday baseball games as a family.

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