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Two broken wrist and a teddy bear

Yesterday of our really good friends graduates with a masters degree in engineering as I started to respond to his wife’s Facebook post I realized its been months since we have seen them. Sure we keep in touch via Facebook but its really not the same. Looking back the only excuse we have for not seeing them, and many of our other really great friend, is “Life happens”. We have been so busy running around to school plays, gymnastics camps, kids birthday parties, and going back and forth to the doctors that we simply haven’t had time to stop and smell the roses.

Lets start from the top…

Teddy Bear

Few weeks ago, Bam’s stomach issues started to come back. We got multiple calls from her school about rashes, diapers and potty accidents that I felt like a shitty mom. (pun intended). In the mist of all of this, Bam also caught pink eye. We found ourselves at the doctors office and got the drops she needed for her eyes and tips and advice on her tummy issues. Somewhere over the last week, Bam has really become attached to her teddy bear named “Bear”. Now she will not leave the house without it. Its gone to school, birthday parties, and grandmas house. Its gotten sand, ice cream and pet hair all over it. I’ve washed it every week, and every week it get a little more wore out. I have a feeling Bear is going to need a make over soon.

Two Broken Wrist

A week ago I received an upset call from my sister in law letting me know that my nieces ”Chops” was in the hospital ER. Turns out while school was out last week (See previous post) Chop fell off of the swings and tried to catch herself but instead broke both of her wrist. Her right wrist was nearly dislocated and she has to have surgery to put pins in it. The left wrist only had a minor fracture. Lucky she is one of those weird left handed people. LOL

Doc was very upset as I picked her up from school and I told her the news. At first I told her something bad happened and she immediately asked “Did Gran-Ann die?” I told her no…but it’s about Chop… and she replied “Is did she die?”. Why her mind immediately went there I have no idea. No one close to us has died… thankfully… and both Gran-Ann and PatPat are very healthy. Anyway…after the calming her down I told what happened. We visited the hospital and soon the girls were laughing and taking photos of each others using fake snap chat.

RIP Guinea Pig

Last week our AC went out. Now for other parts of the country this doesn’t sound like a big deal…but in Phoenix AZ in 90-100 May heat… it huge. As soon as I walked into the house… my heart dropped. The AC fan was running but the outside unit was still. My first though was…(Insert bad word…followed by another bad word…followed by a tear). My second though was Don’t panic… the kids are watching. I immediately called the AC guy. Lucky it was just a $100 part (that went out the year before). He was able to get it fixed but not until the next morning…so we slept in the heat.


Turns out the dogs, cat, kids and I were ok though the night because the house was only around 82 degrees with fans blowing but guinea pigs do not tolerate heat well. Due to our warm house, this caused one of our guinea pigs (Rocket) to go into distress and start to over heat eventually dying. The other one (Groot) seemed to be fine but sad. We were sad and the girls were very upset. WE had a little funeral and sent his soul off to where ever little guineas go. Although guinea pigs are not my favorite little pet I did spill a few tears.

After doing a little bit of research we found ways that would help keep the little pigs cool during summer like cool tile from the freezer, ice water bottles, and a small fan that we will use every day. Which will come in handy when we look to buy a new little pig.

*Update…. We found another guinea and named him Thor. So far he is fitting in well with Groot and out family.

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