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Arizona kids loose. Why I do not support a walkout.

It’s a sad day for Arizona and its kids. I understand that teachers want better pay and better classroom funding. I understand that 30+ kids in a classroom has negative effects on teachers and students. I understand the frustrations with giving your all and feeling like you do not get anything back. There are a few bad eggs out there (Like with any company) but for the most part teachers love their kids.

With that being said, I can not support a walk out or potentially a strike. I can not support tax increases when school boards and district spending are already out of control. Open up the books and allow the community and those you serve delegate funds to where they need to go. When PTAs are using donated money on things other than school activities.

I know this because I’ve seen it first hand and heard stories from a few other PTA moms around the Valley. It’s not a finding issue…it’s a spending issue. If you want to be mad, be mad at your school board. The same board that approved 1 million dollars for a weight room renovation in 2015 rather then spend it on classrooms. The same board that approved 13 million dollars in 2016 for a district warehouse that only servers 8 schools. The same district that spent over 35 million in 2016 and 20 million in 2017 to build a district music building. The same school district that spends millions of dollars a year on testing and making sure kids learn to test rather than learn useful information.

Again, I understand your frustration. I understand that the money from Prop 301 did nothing for the schools like it said it would. I understand that Prop 123 went to schools, but teachers saw only pennies.

From 2008 to 2017 I saw the economy tank and was laid off several times because my small company could not stay afloat. Many of those same companies are now out of business or were bought out by big corporations. At one point I had to leave my planning and engineering job and find something that paid the bills to make ends meet. (Like many teachers) Each layoff I found a new job and had to settle for less then I was getting paid before. (Like many teachers) It happens…it’s called life. This pay thing hasn’t just effected teachers…its been an issue will all jobs during the recession.

I didn’t blame my employer and I didn’t blame the government. My husband and I both had to start side business in hopes to bring in extra family income. I got up and did what I had to. Fortunately, now I’m back in engineering but it took a few years for me to get to this place.

My point is, teachers, I understand your frustrations, but I can not stand behind you as you walk out on our kids. I can not sit back and watch you point fingers at our legislation when they are not the ones that control your pay. I can not sit back and watch you ask for more money than the already 20% pay increase and additional classroom funds our governor promised to give you. I can not support you forcing working parents to now have to pay for daycare and camps. (That by the way cost more the some private schools)

I walked out on public schools too. Some of which are the things you complain about most. (Classroom sizes, bad parents, school boards that don’t listen, lack of funding, and teaching to test.) Public schools are failing our kids all over the country that is why many parents have turned to homeschooling, private schools and even charter schools…All of which are very affordable if parents are willing to make the extra effort.

Again, it’s a sad day for our kids. When you walk out of your classroom remember it’s the kids that suffer. The kids that you are using as pawn in this game of pointing fingers and shifting blame. Remember your school boards support you walking out but that is because increased funding means…their pockets will be filled too.

3 thoughts on “Arizona kids loose. Why I do not support a walkout.

  1. Oh my gosh….yes, this is exactly how I feel too. You have expressed this beautifully, I tend to go all over the place with my writing and that is why my daughter is my editor. Anyway, you are right, 100% right. I gave up on public school years ago, the only reason why my kids attended High school was for college. They needed those diplomas. Unfortunately my son might have to make up any loss days his senior year of high school because of this walk out (It’s a strike, they can package it up with big red bows, or in this case red shirts all they want…this is a strike and about greed) The good teachers (and they are out there) know that if you love kids and have a passion to teach, then even the best can teach (actually teach) with just a stick and dirt.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I’ve gotten a lot of backlash from people when I say I don’t support a walk out. It’s not a black or white issue…i can see where teachers are coming from and I understand. I get it…but pointing blame and walking out expecting the governor or legislators to fix the issue is mis directed.

      As a parents (and a stake holders) we should be able to review and direct where those funds are going and how they are being spent.

      Thank you for your comment.

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  2. So true, the kids are the real victims in this mess. It would be so nice if the funds were spent in honest ways. They could do so much. We have teachers at my son’s school that don’t support this walk out and my daughter works in education as a paraprofessional and she also doesn’t support this walk out. I think the teachers union and the board members are all behind that vote for this walk out.


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