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We finally found a preschool for Bam.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m one of those neurotic moms that tries to look for everything wrong with a school. That mom that thinks nothing is good enough for her snowflake child. That mom that calls daycare up 10 times a day because she’s worried about her child. Or that helicopter mom that make sure her kid doesn’t fall on the playground.

Let me tell you right now…I am not that mom. (I mean I can be at times…but usually I’m not that mom). I am the let them be kids, try to eat organic but end up eating McDonnels when in a rush. They type of mom that is always running out of the house with half dressed kids wearing mismatched socks. The type of mom that loves her kids.

All I want is to find a good school, near my work and Docs school, that doesn’t cost a fortune that has a lot of art and outdoor time. A preschool that lets kids be kids but also set rule and boundaries that even two year olds need to follow. Is that too much to ask for?

If you are not a mom and haven’t looked at preschools, you would be surprised how awful some of them are. I went into one where the changing tables were filthy, kids were running around screaming and the playground was just dirt with toys. There was another school that had so many kids who were visibly sick (sleeping on the floor crying, coughing up lungs, green snot running down their chins). These are the type of schools that make me want to quit my engineering job and just be a stay at home…home schooling mom. (Maybe I will do that anyways LOL)

For all the bad schools out there, there were a few good schools. Schools that were clean and quiet with happy kids. Montessori schools that had kids planting gardens, or drawing pictures of birds they saw on the playground. Christian/church preschool where kids were singing, dancing, and clapping to Sunday school songs. UN fortune these school usually cost twice as much as college tuition and three times as much as we currently pay.

We love everything about our current church daycare except that it’s in the opposite direction of our morning work/grade school commute. It takes and extra 30 min in the morning and 30-40 min in the afternoon to drop off and pick up Bam. On Thursdays we have to cut Doc’s afterschool playdates short so we can rush over to Bams current daycare to pick her up on time. Its not fair to anyone.

So now we have found the one. It’s the first school a found, and the last school I visited. It’s a very small school (Although its part of a daycare chain). They are way under the state required ratios. They have an hour in the morning, after lunch and in the afternoon where the kids are outside and playing. They have a splash pad and misters for the summer heat. They have little gardens for toddlers and a sperate garden for PreK. Every day they have art, singing, dancing, and education time. If I was two going on three I would want to be here!

Check off one of the any to do tasks on my mom list.

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