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Life of a book worm with kids

So this weekend we went down to Tucson for a toy convention. While Tyler went looking for toys and collectibles he can sell, I went there for books.

Its safe today that I am a book worm. I enjoy reading to my kids everything from picture books, to middle school chapter books. I’m often up until 2 am reading because “this book is amazing” and “I just couldn’t put it down”. I have an app for our local phoenix library and I try to visit our local library every few weeks. Often running around means stopping by our local used book store once a week to check out new releases or stock up on more kid books. Currently I’ve maxed out number of holds I can have on my account, and my Goodreads pages has about 56 books on my “To Read List”.

It wasn’t always like this since I’m dyslexic when it comes to reading, writing and spelling. It wasn’t until 3rd grade that my parents took me to tutoring lessons and they figured it out. Throughout school I was very behind and would have mini panic attacks when it came to reading out loud. I was great at memorizing facts and “faking it” to blend in. My best study tool in high school were flashcards.

In 8th grade I was introduced to the world of novels and reading for fun. One of my best friends was always reading huge novels, usually romance novels. We would give her a hard time since Fabio would have some half dress woman in his arms and these books were frowned upon in our small Christian school. One day she was reading a copy of Outlander by Diana Gabladon. I grabbed the book from her and started reading passionately teasing her about the content. She told me I could borrow it and the rest was history.

Now Outlander is not a book that most parents would let their kids read…let alone a young 8th grader. It has sex (a lot of sex), violence (a lot of violence), blood, history, action and a lot of men in kilts. I fell in love with this book and ended up reading the 4 books that were out at the time. It took me a few years to read these books but once I started reading for fun, there wasn’t anything stopping me.

Now that I have kids, I see the same book joy in them. Doc always has a book in her hand. She’s 6, in first grade, and reading middle school books. Every time we stop at a book store she is buying a book with money she’s saves. She told me that she would rather read then watch a movie since books last longer. Bam loves being read too and uses her imagination like crazy. Since she’s two, it’s too early to know if she’s dyslexic but even if she is, at least we know how to work with her. As a parents, I’m trying to instill a love of reading in my kids. I don’t care what you read (to a certain point), I just care that you enjoy reading.

If I could pass down one thing to by kids, it’s the joy of reading and getting lost in a book.

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