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Renaissance festival..the good…the weird…and the bad

In keeping with our New Year’s goal of doing one big family adventure a month, we went to the Arizona Renaissance festival. We try to go every year in February when the festival first opens. For the first few weekends of the festival people forget its that time of year and so the line are shorter and the crowds are low. Perfect for someone who hate large crowds like me. This year we deceived to dress up and since our kids are pretty cool (At least they are at the age where they go along with our ideas) our kids wanted to dress up too.

For Doc, we found a dress that looks like the Disney princess Merida’s. This worked out great since she will reuse for our family Halloween Brave theme. Bam wore a Swedish dress that I had in my clothes. This dress was given to me by my aunt when I was 4 years old after she traveled to Europe. I wore this dress a few times for dress up and Halloween. My parents then gave the dress back to my aunt when her daughter was 4. A few years ago my aunt passed it back to me for Doc to wear and enjoy. Since then it’s been sitting in my closet lonely and forgotten until this very day.

I found a long flowing Irish dress on Amazon and used our two prime shipping so that is was delivered a week before the festival. Tyler…my awesome husband that he is…wanted to wear a kilt. I don’t think I loved him more than in that moment! After all, Outlander and romance novels really ruin the idea of an every day normal American man who wear jeans…

The festival was fun but unfortunately deceived to bring out friends who just got back from Disney World the week before. The whole time they were complaining, not enjoying their time. Nothing was as magical is Disney and everything was overpriced and dull in their mind. I tired to make the best of it with the girls.

We visited the mermaids, and the fairy’s. We went to the petting zoo to see the unicorns and ate turkey legs as big as out heads.

All of that was fun, but the whole time I felt I was the one paying attention to our kids, making sure our kids didn’t get lost, and making sure everyone was well behaved. I told Doc we would go see the joust and go through the maze but by the time we watched the princess show, our friends were ready to leave. Tyler was oblivious to this since he and his guy friend were too wrapped up in conversation. As we were driving home I felt cheated and that this family outing was somehow stolen from us.

Lesson learned. We are never going to festival or family event with people not related to us…no matter how long we have known them.

Well maybe next time we will go with some of our parent friends…I guess there is always next year.

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