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Mom advice needed

Our family has been at the same preschool for 7 years. Doc who is not 7, went there and Bam who is 2 has gone there since she was 10 weeks. I went to high school with the current director and many of the teachers. Several of our close family friends have sent there kids to this school. I love and trust that our current preschool is a nice loving and safe place for Bam. The only problem it that it add 30mins in the morning and 30min in the afternoon to my work commute since it’s in the opposite direction for my work and Docs school.

We have been looking for a school near where I work and my daughter goes to school and finally found one that we both really like with an spot available. (we looked at a lot of them)

The cons

Thee problems is, it cost $29 more a week which is $116+ more a month on our already tight school budget. Although it’s a small daycare, it’s part of a larger daycare chain and we are used to our current small church daycare. I also know that since this is a larger non religious school that Bam will not have as much cuddle time and she gets now.

The pros

This new school includes healthy breakfast lunch and snacks. They are very academically focused and have weekly music, art, and sign language classes. They are also a mile down the street from my current work.

My question is…what would you do? Go for the new daycare that is less then a mile from your work but cost more and is part of a large chain or stay with the smaller school with the longer commute?

One thought on “Mom advice needed

  1. I would stay with who I know and save money. We ended up homeschooling my kids during their elementary years because the school district we were in was awful (WESD). My son would have never learn how to speak if we left it up to people we didn’t trust and know. They painted a pretty picture though but once in they did nothing for my son. So glad we decided to homeschool. My son is graduating from High school this year with A’s and B’s. The high school is in another district from the elementary school that basically mistreated my son. I would love to go back to the speech therapist that said “Isn’t there a room you can just put him in” when he started to have a meltdown because he was upset because of communication problems. That same therapist also told a teachers aide not to bother trying to get him to draw and paint because “he won’t do it”. He not only learn how to speak, read and write but he went on to win several awards in his art work with state and county fairs. He has also sold several of his pieces. Most of his best of show pieces had several people interested in buying them, and this was every year he entered. Children are amazing and if you have the right mentors and teachers helping to guide them, they can accomplish anything. Just do what your gut tells you.


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