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Scorpion Stings, Dry Heat, and Wildlife

Tyler got stung by a scorpion at work.


Ok. Lets back up a little. For those of you who do not live in the Southwestern United States (or Arizona) let me just clarify things.


Yes Arizona is hot in the summer. So hot that it feel like you are going to melt and yes you can cook an egg on the sidewalk. You can also bake cookies since most of the time it’s a dry oven heat. The Spring, Fall and Winters in central Arizona are amazing. Usually in the 70’s and a sunny. This is why we live here. No shoving snow, no snow days, no salt on the roads, no stocking up for the winter freezes. You get the point…Hot 3-4 months out of the year Nice 8-9 months out of the year.


Another thing is we have wildlife. Our family lives in the middle of Phoenix near a mountain preserve. The phoenix metro area is called the Valley of the Sun because everywhere you look, you are surrounded by mountains. With that being said we have a lot of wild animals that just hangout in our neighborhoods and backyards.  Our neighborhood has a family a coyotes that wonder around and eat small animals and trash. We have also seen Javelinas just walking down the street and bobcats that hangout on our roofs. Javelinas can be mean but Coyotes and bobcats usually leave you alone. There once was a rabbit that lived in our neighbor’s yard during the spring time.

Then there are the lizards. We have everything from geckos, bearded dragons, and common lizards. Often I’ve come home to find a gecko just hanging out on our front door. Once in a while they fall from front porch and land on your head and you scream bloody murder holding your 9 month old (but that’s a different story). We have spiders. Most are harmless, like the tarantula and daddy long legs, but watch out for brown recluses because they will kill you. Growing up in AZ you learn to identify which spiders are good, and which ones are very bad.


We also have snakes. Everything from tiny garden snakes to poisonous rattlesnakes. I’ve never seen a rattle snake near my house but I know they exists. School age kids are taught from a young age to keep an eye out for snakes and always tell an adult of if they see one.

download (2)

Then there are scorpions. We like to call them creatures from hell ranging from the size of your hand to the size of a thumb nail. They are hard to get rid of if your house happened to be built on one of their migration trails. These creatures just show up unannounced and crawl in to your home. The best defenses against these creatures from hell is to get a cat. Cats, because they are half in and half out, are immune to their stings. Don’t ask me why. Living in AZ all of my life, almost everyone I know has been stung at least once. I also know which scorpions are the most venom.

download (1)

Anyway… Tyler was working and had to move some vines to get to an electrical box when “ouch” he was stung on his hand. If you’ve never been stung by a scorpion, their stings really hurt and their venom can make you sick. Tyler got stung, and his whole hand started going numb and swelled up. He took the stinger out and washed out the cut. Being a guy, he didn’t all poison control or run to the doctor. When asked about it he said, if I die, I die and there’s nothing that can be done. (Umm,, how about call an expert so they can let you know if you should seek medical help!) When he got home 6 hours later his hand was still numb but not swollen which was a good sign. We looked up his symptoms and found out that he wasn’t going to die.  If he was dizzy, convulsing, confused, or couldn’t breathe that would be another story. He was just going to have a numb hand for a day or two.


So this is my rant. I love where we live…but now that I re-read this blog post, I’m kind of questioning why I let me kids go outside and play in the backyard or why we go out hiking for fun. Home sweet home.

One thought on “Scorpion Stings, Dry Heat, and Wildlife

  1. I’ve had a couple of close calls with rattlesnakes hiking at the Sonoran Preserve off Dove Valley Road. Those encounters always get the heart pumping. I’m hoping to avoid scorpions. Interesting tidbit about cats. My son has a couple of geckos that hang around his front door – cute things!


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