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Do you know where your AZ State Tax dollars are going?

Dear Friends and Family,

This is the time of year that I use my blog to humbly ask for your help and support.

A year ago, Tyler and I prayed fervently about where to send Scarlett to 1st grade since our local school district was not giving her the academic support she needed to excel. Ultimately chose to enroll her at Bethany Christian School.  What a blessing this school has been to our family! This year Scarlett will be in 2nd grade. This school has given her the opportunity to receive individual one on on support and mentoring to help her excel and become a pediatric doctor or an engineer when she grows up (shes not 100% sure yet). While this is a private school that requires tuition, we have faith that God will continue to provide. Fortunately, the state of Arizona has created a way to ease the financial burden of private school tuition through Tax Credit Donations. You can help!

No one likes paying taxes, but it is something we all have to do. We pay taxes each year, but have no direct input regarding where that money goes. Did you know it does not have to be that way? Did you know that you have the opportunity to have a say in where your Arizona state taxes go? You do! With the Arizona Tax Credit program, there are several opportunities for you to dictate where your money goes. Whether it is a charitable organization, public school, or private school, the choice is yours.

We would like you to prayerfully consider redirecting your Arizona state tax dollars to Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO) and recommending Scarlett for a scholarship at Bethany Christian School.  ACSTO processes the donations and considers the recommendations (among other factors) when awarding the scholarships. Receiving these scholarships helps our family tremendously!

When you make an Arizona Tax Credit Donation, you decide where your taxes go and someone in need benefits. It truly is a win-win! You do not pay any extra for this opportunity.

Here are the guidelines:


*You may only donate towards the overflow tax credit if you donated the maximum amount for the original tax credit for the same taxable year.


Let’s look at some examples:

Without Tax Credit               With Tax Credit

Taxpayer tax liability (line 48):                   $2,667                                    $2,667

Tax withheld during 2014:                           $1000                                     $1000

Tax credit donation:                                      $0                                            $2106

Amount owed/refunded:                             $1667 owed                           $439 refund

Total amount paid:                                        $2,667                                    $2,667


Or this one:

Without Tax Credit               With Tax Credit

Taxpayer tax liability (line 48):                   $2,667                                    $2,667

Tax withheld during 2014:                           $3000                                     $3000

Tax credit donation:                                      $0                                            $2106

Amount owed/refunded:                             $333 refund                           $2439 refund

Total amount paid:                                        $2,667                                    $2,667

Please read the enclosed brochures to learn more about ACSTO and the donation process. You may also visit their website at If you choose to make a donation, you can complete the form on the back of the donation brochure or donate online.

If you would like to redirect your tax dollars to help our family, please be sure to indicate Scarlett Schilling and Bethany Christian School on the donation form. You can donate for the 2017 tax year up until April 15, 2018.  Many people choose to make their donations while doing their taxes. This enables the donor to determine their tax liability and redirect the funds accordingly. If you choose to contribute, we would love it if you would let us know so that we can say, “Thank you!” Please contact your tax advisor, ACSTO, or us if you have any questions about how this works. Thank you so much, you are a blessing to our family!

On behalf of our entire family, thank you for considering this wonderful opportunity to make a difference in Scarlett’s life, both academically and spiritually.


Tyler, Katherine, Scarlett (Doc) and Violet (Bam)

2 thoughts on “Do you know where your AZ State Tax dollars are going?

  1. It may be my education, but I wholeheartedly support the public school system and my tax donation goes to the public school district. Of course, when purchasing our home the first thing we checked out was the local school district. I wanted to make sure our children would get a good education albeit AZ education. It does lack compared to New York State.


  2. AZ has school choice and we can send out kids where we want to. Unfortunately the best AZ school districts have the highest enrollment and the highest fees. For example our school district has 30+ kids in a 1st grade class with not aids. They also have limited outdoor/PE time. Kids are not allowed to be dropped off before school starts since there is not before school care. After school care is inside with not outdoor time. The cost of after school care and registration fees, and classroom “Donation” fee actually cost more then our current private school tuition.

    To top it off even though we live and own a house in the district we do not get priority over which school we would like to send out kids. The public school closet to us has a long wait list since it’s one of the top public schools in the state. Our property taxes are the highest in the states. They just spend 35 million dollars on one arts building and 20 million on a district warehouse. When you compared how much the teachers get paid in our district compared to others districts, they actually get paid less.

    I would like to support public schools but when I see that they are failing our kids, spending more and more on their budget then turning around and asking for even more tax money, it makes it very hard.


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